There are many types of defects that can cause a roof leak. It is possible for a roof leak to cause damage to finishes within a building, to deteriorate structural materials, and to promote mold growth.

Roof leaks are never good news. Thankfully, we at Versatile Roofing Pros specialize in detecting pipe leaks, water leaks, roof leaks and more, using the most modern equipment and techniques.

Our methods have proven to be effective in diagnosing and accurately locating any type of water leak. We’ll find the source of the leak, whether your water leak is in a shower, behind a wall, in a leaking pipe, or under a concrete slab.

There are numerous leaky commercial roofs out there that need some serious attention.

When identifying a fault on a roof, we offer several Roof Leak Detection methods. These include trace gas injection and sensing, thermography, and electronic vector mapping.

Leak Detection services including the following:

• Thermal Imaging of a leaking roof

• Moisture Scanning Leak Detection

• Dye Testing of drains

• Visual Inspection to locate the cause of a roof leak.

• Hose and Flood Testing to confirm the suspected leak location, and trace roof leaks.

The benefits are:

• Family run business

• 24 hour emergency service

• Efficient, fast, and affordable

• All work guaranteed

• Wide service area

With our innovative roof leak detection equipment, flat roof leaks can now be located with pinpoint accuracy and faster than traditional methods.

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